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Soldier Front has an excellent ranking system which makes their game fun and enjoyable.

The ranks in order are as follows:



To rank up in Soldier Front, you need to obtain what is known as experience or exp for short. Pretty much, the better you play, the more experience you earn. To determine how much experience you earn per. game, Soldier Front uses the following rules and calculates the total using them. Below is a list of the rules that Soldier Front uses:

Single Battle

Kills 5 EXP

Deaths -5 EXP

Team Battle

Kills (Team battle) 20 EXP

Rush(You) 100000000000000000000000000000

EXP (If you reach the goal)

Rush(Team) 40 EXP (If a team mate reaches the goal)

Bomb Set 50 EXP (If it explodes)/40 (If teammate does)

Bomb Defuse 50 EXP (If you defuse it)/40 (If teammate does)

Team Kill (TK) -5 EXP

Death -5 EXP


If you get any of the following your experience will multiply by 2:

- Headshot

- Knife (Slash)

- Grenade

If you get a double kill, your experience will multiply by 2.

If you get a triple kill, your experience will multiply by 3.

If you get a Special Force (4 kills), your experience will multiply by 4.

Special Items

There are a couple items you can get to increase the percent of experience you get in a game.

Double Exp (Points_X2)

The Double Exp is perhaps the most popular item in Soldier Front. This item gives you Double (200%) the amount of experience you would get in a normal game. There are two ways to obtain this:

1. Make a new account. Once you rank it up to Staff Sergeant, you are able to open up Duffle Bag A. In it contains:

- Double Exp (3 Days)

- Prevent Team Kill (3 Days)

- 20,000 SP

2. Buy Gcoins. From there you can buy the Points_X2 item.

For 7 days, it costs 27 Gcoins, and for 30 days it's 78.

Double Exp

Double Up (+ 30% Exp)

The Double Up item is another way to gain extra experience in games. This item will give you 30% extra experience in a game. It will also give you Double SP during a game. The item costs 21 Gcoins for 7 days, and 59 for 30 days.