About Edit

Soldier Front has a variety of items that are intended to enhance the game. Some of these items are free, others cost , and the majority cost Aeria Points (AP) for short. All in all, these items are generally used for:

- Appeal

- Advantage

- Chance

Item List Edit

Here is a built list of every item in Soldier Front as of June 9th, 2009 [Not including Weapon Bombs... Yet]

Prevent_Team_Kill Edit


(Disregard picture above Old


7 Day : 150 AP

Effect: Prevents your team killing you with grenades. ( Is useful when the other players don't know how to aim grenades )

Clan_Mark_Badge Edit

Clan Mark


7 Day : 4500 SP

Effect: If you're in a clan, it displays the clan mark next to your name in a game room, and displays it on some armor. If you're not in a clan, or if your clan doesn't have a logo, it will display the default "IJJI" logo.

Replay_tape Edit




Effect: Allows you to save a replay of a game for review later. Is useful for reporting glitchers/hackers/tappers.

NOTE: Will not work if you leave the game/get kicked before you save it.

Pick_up_weapon Edit



7 Days : 15 GCoins

Effect: Allows you to pick up a fallen comrad's weapon by pressing and holding the "E" button on your keyboard.